Point of sales and display
Boost your sales with POS communication

More than 70% of buying decisions are made in store. Making it the obvious place for targeted communication that convinces consumers to choose your product. A strategic choice that more and more brands are making. Good call!

Take your customers by the hand

By the time consumers walk into a store they’ve likely already heard about your brand or product through another communication channel. Once they step over the threshold POS material takes up the baton. You grab their attention with targeted banners, displays, posters and stickers, reeling them in whether they realise it or not.

The four advantages of POS communication

If you get your point-of-sale communication right, consumers will simply not be able to resist. These are our rules of thumb:

  • Inform: Explain your product: what it does, how it works... Ideal when launching a new range.
  • Inspire: Stylish POS communication creates a shopping experience and draws consumers into the story behind your product.
  • Persuade: POS material has stopping power, highlights your USPs and tells consumers why your product is better than the rest.
  • Call to action: The perfect way to announce promotions or special offers.

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