With Adler, Brouwerij Haacht has a real premium pilsner in its range. The average pub-crawler does not belong to its trendy target group. Young adults who follow their dreams, on the other hand, do. The hipsters for whom campaigns should respond to their quest for unique experiences. Our quest led to a campaign that refreshes and reinforces the premium beer’s adventurous image.

Message-enhancing image

Images need to make the message clear and depict what the brand stands for. All this while looking good to impress the target group. The Adler visual perfectly reflects these requirements: a man diving, arms out like the unfurled wings of an eagle, into a tropical lagoon. No fear and an overarching sense of freedom and exclusivity - the Adler feeling. No more words needed than the slogan, ‘Spread your wings’. Together, this forms the perfect recipe to reinforce the luxury image of the beer.

Beer brewed with love. A campaign designed with expertise.

Targeted communication

The high-flying visual leaves nothing to the imagination. An extraordinary sensation is what this beer has in store for its fans. This exclusive character also shows how we promoted the beer. Ads were published in high-quality media with a young and adventurous image. We also infiltrated into hipster hotspots by using the visual and slogan on beer mats and other tools.