With the aim to clearly position executive search specialist Altior in the business market, D’M&S devised a powerful concept, supported by a unique image of a paper unicorn. This concept was then translated into an eye-catching direct mailing, targeted at both existing clients and prospects, whilst at the same time online and offline corporate style were given a revamp as well.

Powerful corporate concept

An eye-catching concept will have your prospects convinced in less than a second. The only thing you need, is an attention-grabbing image and a strong slogan. D’M&S came up with, designed and developed the paper unicorn, on its back legs, ready to take any challenge head-on. The slogan ‘Let’s aim higher’ reinforces the image’s message and is the perfect description of Altior’s ambitions.

Supporting direct mailing

A new year brings new opportunities to reach and influence your target audience. In this context, Altior launched a new year’s mailing campaign, aimed at existing clients and prospects, with the unicorn once again symbol of the new approach Altior has embarked on. The image of a crumbled up CV on the mailing’s cover transforms on the inside into a powerful unicorn, a perfect way to visualise Altior’s new approach: aim higher. This mailing addresses Altior’s target audience personally and establishes its position as a high-end recruiter. 

Brand new corporate identity

The unicorn concept also returns in the new corporate style. From stationery to business cards: all communication was given a classy black-and-white makeover; a look that enhances Altior’s unique and high-end character even more.   

Online transformation for website

Offline and online communication have to be part of 1 coherent concept. A new corporate style therefore also calls for a new website: www.altior.be. This website, developed by our online team, unifies corporate style and concept. You will again see the unicorn on the homepage, together with the slogan: ‘What makes our candidates outstanding is not their CV, but what they make of it.’