Launching a new nutritional supplement? We have the ideal formula: take a great idea, present it in a powerful visual and ensure it evokes the right emotions in your target groups. It’s how we put a face to Astel Medica’s Bacterelax.

Product launch with a smile

Stressed, moody, fearful, depressed? Bacterelax boosts your moral and helps you find the right balance between body and spirit. Astel Medica’s new nutritional supplement is a simple and effective way to combat mood swings in a gentle, natural way. To convince consumers, we gave the launch campaign a super recognisable face… with a big smile!

Eye-catching emojis

After an intense workshop and a series of briefings to establish what could and couldn’t be said or shown (it’s a health product after all), we devised a striking emoji concept. Emoticons enabled us to get over the right expressions and emotions in a visually simple way, linked to the effect the nutritional supplement has on people. 
The message: Bacterelax helps you keep your emotions under control and get back on track when you’re feeling a little down.

The visual of the woman with changing emoji moods was shot in our studio and then processed in detail in 3D. The result is on all communication tools.

Cross-media TV campaign

Bacterelax wanted to reach the widest possible audience in Dutch and French, so we oriented our media strategy primarily towards TV commercials. We made two commercials starring the emojis for broadcast on VTM and RTL. They are also available to watch on the digital platforms of the two popular channels and feature as banner videos on and 
It was no surprise that the cross-media TV campaign, which is also set to hit the socials, launched on Monday 17 January, a.k.a. Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.

POS and website boost sales

We upped the visibility of the campaign in pharmacies with a range of promotional material, including window stickers, ceiling hangers and a counter display with information leaflet.

We boosted brand awareness and sales online at We also created a separate B2B section on the new website for pharmacies and GPs. All told, consistent communication ensures Bacterelax invokes the right emotions across the board. And that makes everyone happy!