Belgosuc produces semi-finished products based on natural sugars for the artisanal and industrial food industry. To familiarise customers and potential leads with its activities and assortment, we put print communication in the picture.

Print communication works

Bakery, confectionery, brewery or pharmacy. Those who require sugars for their preparations are at the right address at Belgosuc. Sugar, in any form, has no more secrets for the Beernem company, which it wanted to emphasise to its customers across Europe. This is why we showed the ingredients of its success in the new corporate folder: innovation, quality and variation. We took care of the realisation of the brochure, from design to content, layout and photography.

A focus on location photography

Belgosuc is a progressive company driven by quality. And which better way to prove this than by giving the reader a look into the internal goings on? This is why we sent our photographer on site to make a series of strong images of the machinery, the processes and the end products. The photos added lustre to the brochure and put the strong image of Belgosuc in the picture even more.