New Headquarters. That simply calls for a decent housewarming party, with a party concept that isn’t just innovative and creative, but also transparent, functional, straight to the point and sustainable. D’M&S merged all these qualities in a totally full-on event. 


Getting acquainted with the new building was linked to the unveiling of a second novelty: a brand new company visual. The chosen visual was a DNA string with green textile fibres, representing the Devan sustainability goal and illustrating the corporate baseline ‘Bringing textile to life’. How we succeed to do so with just one image? It’s part of our DNA.


The new visual became the main theme throughout all communication touchpoints and the entire event: a guided tour in a ‘sustainable’ decor, including grass mats and ‘green’ nibbles. In the party tent for instance, in reference to the Devan core values, transparent dividing walls were installed. The cushions in the lounge corners were made out of fabric woven using Devan technology. A great gimmick for all attendees. 

A brand new corporate visual, great programme, unique decor and professional approach ensured this new building’s inauguration did not go unnoticed.