Fujirebio ordered an international corporate website to support customer service and generate new leads. Plus a string of microsites to bolster its online marketing. Our solution was just what the doctor ordered.

Functional website

Bursting with functionality, the new Fujirebio website is much more than a corporate business card. Including an auto-fill search function to search across the whole website for product names, products codes, diseases and so on.

All about the customer

The website has two functions. On the one hand it plays a central supporting role for customer service. Customers can easily find product information, download certificates and forms, fill out a contact query or get an automatic referral to the nearest dealer. That reduces the volume of queries customer service has to field, without compromising the optimal service to customers.


Chatbot Ivy is a striking phenomenon and a technological tour de force. This friendly robot guides visitors around the website on the basis of a few targeted questions. The perfect user experience.

Tracking visitors

The second function of the website is lead generation. Part of the website is only accessible after registration. When a visitor registers, the data is added to a dynamic marketing automation system and the visitor is then tracked. The visitor is sent targeted information by email to spike his or her interest. A gift from heaven for the sales department.

Online marketing

Fujirebio also invests time and energy into targeted online marketing. Google AdWords and advertising on LinkedIn are deployed to steer leads towards separate product-specific or country-specific microsites that are purely focused on conversion. The visitor downloads a brochure or leaflet, his or her data is added to the marketing automation tool, sales gets in touch, the visitor becomes a customer, returns to the website and the circle is complete.