US paint producer Sherwin-Williams has developed a new range of plant-based coatings for the lumber industry. We helped create the go-to-market palette for the global product launch, adding some striking brushstrokes with a 3D concept and eye-catching website.

Conceptvisual: from plant to coating in 3D

Sherwin-Williams is confident its new plant-based wood coatings will raise its global profile as a sustainable partner. With that in mind, in the communication we highlighted the natural origins of this new line of products. Without airbrushing. Our 3D image processors used their design and modelling skills to create an animation of a plant with leaves that seamlessly transformed into paint for the global product launch. The ladybird was certainly impressed…

Website informs lumber industry

The dedicated website we developed to support the launch of the plant-based wood coatings opens with a 3D animation. As well as the requisite product information and brochure download option, this original website also provides a rundown of the markets for which the coatings have been developed and a summary of the sustainability targets Sherwin-Williams has set to reduce its carbon footprint.

CO2 calculator drives
lead generation

Website visitors now have the option of quantifying their carbon savings when using the new coatings,  with the integrated calculator. This convenient tool is a way to persuade target audiences of the benefits of switching to eco-friendly coatings, while also generating valuable leads for Sherwin-Williams in the process. That’s because the results are only displayed after the user has entered their email address. Key data for sales!

Brochure refresh enhances brand image 

Visitors also have the option of downloading the product brochure on the website. To entice them, our designers created a fresh look and feel in line with the Sherwin-Williams house style. The 3D concept visual is the real head-turner here. It adds power to the consistent cross-media communication and the message of sustainability (the green brand image).

Online marketing boosts global product launch

Our online marketers put together a targeted communication campaign to support the product launch and raise the profile of the range among specific audiences in the lumber industry. The plant-based wood coatings will be all over Facebook and LinkedIn for six months. And there’s more in store… Keep an eye out on your socials and elsewhere!