Metagenics, worldwide leader in the production and distribution of food supplements, wanted to give the sale of one of its products a boost. CurcuDyn, non-prescription medication that relaxes stiff muscles, tendons and joints, was given an inventive campaign concept.

Campaign with a twist

CurcuDyn is a food supplement based on plant extracts. It gets rid of painful joints and contributes to the preservation of the normal functioning of muscles. In order to clearly convey this message to the consumer, we came up with a campaign with an original twist.

A TV spot and pos material

The lead part in the CurcuDyn communication was granted to a wrestler with a handlebar moustache. Not a real wrestler, but a jumping jack that comes to life with a simple pull of the string. Via eight joints, the limbs are moved simultaneously and seemingly effortless and the doll does a comical gymnastic exercise. This way we made a logical and fun link to the beneficiary effect of the food supplement. In order to get the product name deeper into the consumer’s memory, we used the concept visuel in communication tools such as a (short) TV commercial and promotional material for pharmacies in the form of an interactive display.