Innovative carpet technology

With kids and pets around, you can never rule out a spillage or accident. But Lano Carpets has found the answer. Its SmartStrand Forever Clean is a hard-wearing, stain-resistant carpet. The secret ingredient is the smart nano technology. Not forgetting the carpet’s great strength and style; it looks good and feels great underfoot.

Why wouldn’t you want one? The world needed to know. 

Touching images

We designed two concept visuals reflecting recognisable domestic scenarios to present the brand-new product at the world’s biggest trade fair for floor coverings, Domotex in Hanover. Kids spilled something on the carpet? Dog had a little accident?

‘The world’s most forgiving carpet’, as the campaign slogan suggests, just needs a quick swipe with a sponge and all’s good again. The pics brought the message home.

In-house videoproduction

The two playful visuals and the video were staged on location. The entire production of it was in the hands of our video team. From location hunting to shooting, from casting (yes, the dog too!) To editing. Everything was arranged in-house. The result is a gem of endearing visual storytelling.

You want to bring a powerful message? Start from the mindset of your target group.

Light-hearted video

Our video department also produced a short film for the Lano Carpets stand to introduce visitors to the new product in a light-hearted way. We brought the concept visuals to life, featuring a young girl and a family dog slipping up, literally and figuratively. Thankfully the SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet wipes away the stain in a jiffy, with a smile. The video was also included in the Lano Carpets swatch box. Now everything’s in place to drive the success of the new product.