Mobix, a member of the CFE group, installs and services smart lighting, high-tension networks, utilities, signage and overhead wires for rail and road infrastructure. The folks there signed up to our somewhat bold conceptual approach to boost communications with existing and future employees.

One name, one story

Mobix has been active under the Engema name since 1935. Over the years it’s acquired various businesses, each of which has continued to trade under its own name. Last year it was decided to update the partnership, with all businesses rebranded as Mobix. The next step is to roll out the new name on the market and create buy-in inside the organization. Challenge accepted!

Employer Value Proposition

The various acquisitions had diluted the sense of unity and belonging among employees. We held interviews with Mobix employees to establish the employer value proposition, the organization’s DNA and the scaffolding for a cast-iron employer brand.

What typifies the Mobix employee? Why do people choose to work for Mobix? And what does Mobix offer them in return? We identified five key traits: adventure, dynamism, team player, persistence and flexibility — the ‘Mobix factor’.

Cross-media roll-out

Next step was rolling out the ‘Do you have the Mobix factor?’ concept in various cross-media tools. We focused on the Mobix employees in their work environment, with arms folded, a reference to the X in the Mobix factor.

We turned to video and developed an attractive website to drive response to open vacancies. With a link to the inhouse HR tool, so vacancies are published and updated automatically.

The Mobix Factor in 30 seconds

For and by Mobix employees

Interviews helped us pinpoint the Mobix factor, the cornerstone of a powerful employer brand. We then went straight to the heart of the organization, turning the spotlight on employees’ take on the Mobix factor. On the website we told their Mobix stories, accompanied by powerful visuals.

Digital employer branding

Targeted SEA and social media campaigns are deployed to spread the employer branding message online, with two main goals: creating brand awareness about the unique Mobix factor and attracting potential applicants. Maximum impact.

Looking to attract new employees?

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