Following the successful launch of the new Manuchar website, we recently got to work on the websites of some of its international affiliates.

We have now already given 12 local Manuchar affiliates from Argentina to South Africa a place of their own on the corporate website.

One style

Manuchar is a global player in the distribution of chemicals to growth economies. It also provides back-to-back trading services and logistics solutions in numerous industries. Read all about it on the new corporate website we developed last year to better inform leads and drive up the conversion rate. Take note that the website is a work in progress.

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12 websites

Manuchar has a whole host of international affiliates. These local companies often offer different products and services. To underscore that differentiation while also following the corporate ID guidelines, we gave them their own space within the Manuchar website. Each affiliate can copy the content from the corporate website, while selecting the products and services they wish to incorporate. What’s the upside? Manuchar has peace of mind that the information is correct (because affiliates cannot make any changes).
And the local affiliates don’t need to maintain their website, which is perfectly in line with the corporate site in terms of both style and substance. Win-win.

Corporate brochure

Manuchar’s new corporate identity is used across the organization’s offline communication. The corporate brochure has already been updated.

We opted for a tête-bêche format, like in philately, to ensure Manuchar’s sustainability efforts were also given the attention they deserve. The presentation folder is in the same style.

But that’s not the end of the story. We continue to carry out fine-tuning online to ensure the corporate website grows into a powerful, effective platform.