How to make a complicated problem clear in a straightforward way? Anything but easy! But not for D’M&S, because we know how to solve this. ‘Keep it simple’ is one of our easy solutions.

Unsexy product turned into sexy counterpart

A Quickon Power Distribution connector… We took our lead from La Linea, a funny little line man that was faced with a ‘connection problem’: the line he was walking on was suddenly interrupted. Thankfully, he was able to solve his conundrum fast with a Quickon Power Distribution connector. Quick and easy, as is this original and clear communication.

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Tools with added value

We created a full set of communication tools centred around La Linea, everything from leaflets to T-shirts, by way of a lenticular card imitating the animation effect: straight on the figure is drawn on a broken line, but when you change the viewing angle you see a QPD connector making the line whole. 

Keep it simple. Perfectly possible with an original visual concept