How to give central stage to a topic such as sea pollution at a congress attended by participants from each corner of the world? With a visual conveying the message in 7 languages without using any words at all. D’M&S created this concept visual, produced all communication material and managed the event to become a big hit. Neat result! 


Over 250 participants from different countries were listed to attend the congress. A great opportunity for policy makers, manufacturers, scientists and NGOs alike to draw attention to the plastic pollution problem. The event venue was set up to maximise interaction. In the auditorium, for instance, the conventional ex cathedra was carted away and replaced by a surprising, open table set-up.  


On far too many occasions, packaging ends up in the oceans. In order to illustrate this pressing issue, we ‘packaged’ this message in a face-the-facts concept visual, starring the normal sea ‘ingredients’ and the ‘culprits’. This resulted in two gripping visuals; an iceberg resembling a floating plastic shopping bag and a black bag in the shape of a whale’s tail. Adding words just wasn’t required.  


These intriguing visuals made their appearance on all (communication) tools used prior to and during PolyTalk. From invitations and online banners to the congress programme, roll banners, posters, projections and badges. Our approach truly supported organiser PlasticsEurope to convey a uniform message. Not just some random stuff, but total integration. 

How do you position a central theme for an international event? With an attention grabbing concept visual not requiring any additional explanation.