Proxelli is one of the big brands marketed by Sinelco, the international distributor of professional hair styling and beauty tools. Our designers drew on all their packaging skills to ensure the hairdryers, styling tongs and trimmers were presented in the very best light. We also hosted a fashion photo shoot at our own studio.

High-end look and feel for packaging

If you visit a hair salon, it’s highly likely that your hair will be dried with a Proxelli hairdryer. These are designed and tested by professionals. We gave the packaging a trendy high-end makeover to accentuate the premium quality of the products in the wholesale channel.

So much more than a nice box 

Depending on the collection, we designed a complete set of packagings for the Proxelli hairdryers. Stylish black for the standard editions, with soft colour accents for the Maya collection and a streak of gold for the X-mas edition of the Mila dryer. But always with a design that exudes class and clearly conveys what the product is and what its advantages are.

Our graphic design contribution was not restricted to the packaging, by the way. The manuals in the box were also updated and are now typographically top-notch.

Model shoot

We set up a fashion photo shoot with top models to launch the Proxelli hairdryers in the media with the requisite cachet. That was held at our own studio. Make-up, outfits, styling… Stylist Indira Cardinaels and photographer Jeroen Hanselaer took care of everything, with focus on beautifully styled hair, of course. Proxelli perfect!