For Kela Pharma, we originally launched Folavit 0,4 as a consumer brand. The pharmaceutical company asked us to tweak the marketing to turn it into a niche brand aimed at a specific target group. This is how we got to work on the rebranding.

A brand for all... or maybe not

When Kela Pharma first brought its new folic acid-based nutritional supplement Folavit 0,4 to market, it decided to pitch it as a product with general appeal. Because folic acid is essential for everyone, regardless of age. So the offline marketing tools for doctors and pharmacists were fairly general. The same went for the packaging design, which was neutral. But that was to change...

A ‘new’ brand is born

While everyone needs folic acid, women who want to get pregnant are one of the most important target groups. With that in mind, a few years ago Kela Pharma decided to develop a Folavit 0,4 range specifically for these women. Kela Pharma’s folic acid range was enlarged with the addition of Folavit 0,4 Start (for women who want to conceive) and Folavit 0,4 Essential (for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding).

The new marketing strategy required the communication and branding to be taken in a new direction too. We put the focus on a pregnant woman.

B2C communication alongside B2B

We created a set of specific B2C tools for the first time to introduce Folavit 0,4 to women and share the benefits of folic acid with them. Offline and digital.

  • New packaging design
  • POS material for pharmacies (leaflets, displays)
  • Website at
  • Digital content (blog posts, video)
  • Online marketing (Facebook posts, SEA)

And we naturally extended the communication style to the tools targeted at gynaecologists and pharmacists (B2B).

We sustain strong brand awareness with content creation and a targeted online marketing plan.

And what does our customer think about that?

We love nothing more than positioning and repositioning brands in a tight collaboration with customers. Even the stringent laws you need to navigate when presenting nutritional supplements are unable to sap our creative energy when we need to come up with an attractive message. That’s something the folks at Kela Pharma still appreciate, after all these years of working together closely. See for yourself.