Scolarest, part of the Compass Group, manages numerous restaurants in educational institutions in Belgium, in each of the networks. Rather than just preparing tasty meals, they want to actively raise awareness of the need for a healthy diet among the management, students and their parents. D’M&S supported this mission with a dynamic and activating online platform: EnergIQ.

Strategy and concept

Convince schools, students and parents that healthy nutrition is a must. In a contemporary, interactive and accessible way. That was the assignment Compass entrusted to us. In order to raise awareness and activate the target audience, we came up with a new concept: EnergIQ. Young people need smart energy to grow, play, study and… enjoy life. A healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle are therefore essential to keep their energy up to level. Nutritious meals help them stay alert and active. Through the EnergIQ concept, we help to communicate that message. By means of a cross-media campaign…

Educational platform

We first integrated the EnergIQ concept in a brand-new online platform: This interactive website was specially developed for primary and secondary schools with the aim of informing, raising awareness and activating young people and their parents. Through blog posts, competitions and numerous tips, EnergIQ teaches young and old to approach food in a conscious and healthy way. Because we are dealing with a diverse target group (6-16 years old), the content of the website can be smartly adjusted thanks to a handy age slider. The teachers themselves can download educational packs and presentations to use in their lessons.

Content in words and images

The blog is one of the most important parts of Through the blog articles, we offer varied and updated content about healthy food for all age categories. With tips, games, quizzes, recipes and the like, EnergIQ keeps the students and their parents up-to-date throughout the school year. Each month, the platform also initiates a new theme, which translates into actual messages and educational tools for the teachers. Trending topics include World Sustainability Day, forgotten vegetables, smoothies, etc. Finally, the student can consult the platform for informative but also for practical content such as the school’s scheduled menu.

Various communication tools

To familiarize the various target groups with (the possibilities of) the EnergIQ platform, we developed a whole series of communication tools. From posters for the classroom to fun concept images for the website. From a manual to a dedicated informative page on the platform for the teachers. From e-mailings to the school boards to letters for the parents. We pulled out all the stops to get and keep the platform moving.