Soudal has something to celebrate! Its bestselling Fix ALL is 25 years old and Soudal wanted to mark the occasion. We drew on our party skills to ensure the anniversary was a big hit.

Celebratory campaign

Soudal, the mastic, glue and PU foam maker, loves a party. To mark the first 25 years of its Fix ALL glue kit, the people there wanted to give their bestseller a publicity boost.

In vision... and sound

We got to work. We created a visual showing three Fix ALL users singing the glue kit’s praises. Literally. The whole thing took a lot of preparing, of course. We devised the concept, selected

the models, did the photoshoot and processed the image. In short, we fixed it all ourselves. And the result is well worth the time and effort: a fun visual with a clear Soudal touch - the red and yellow accents.