Soudal’s T-Rex fixing adhesive has been popular for tough jobs in the home for many years. The adhesive producer is very attached to its environmental image, so a little while back we launched a green variant of the top brand. We backed up the launch with a powerful concept visual.

T-Rex fixing adhesive

Belgium-based Soudal is Europe’s biggest independent producer of mastic, adhesives and PU foam. T-Rex fixing adhesive is one of its biggest hits. Recycled raw materials and organic material make up 80 per cent of the brand’s new variant. Proof that Soudal has seen the future – and it’s green.

A powerful visual with a compelling message

For the launch of the sustainable, circular T-Rex Grab Adhesive we created a concept visual that sticks in your mind for a long time. Our 3D designers brought a dinosaur to life for a new green era. T-Rex also got a colour makeover into the bargain. A powerful visual with a compelling message.

The green dinosaur has already been spotted in various European territories. Talk about rewilding!