Every cloud has a silver lining. The Stamicarbon symposium normally comes round every four years, but the 2022 edition was floored by the pandemic. That gave us some time to run the rule over the event communication and house style. And give them a refresh. Name, design, communication tools… Our designers created a dynamic new look and feel that fits in perfectly with the symposium’s raison d'être: bringing people together and sharing information.

Covid postponement

Stamicarbon is a global market leader in licensing technology for artificial fertilizer production, among other things. It hosts a multi-day symposium every four years to bring its international customers and stakeholders up to speed on the latest developments in the industry and give them an opportunity to meet each other. The venue is traditionally in Stamicarbon’s homeland the Netherlands. Edition #14 was scheduled for 2020, but then the pandemic arrived. We took it in our stride, taking advantage of the postponement to refresh the event branding and house style.

New name, new logo

The symposium could take place this spring. As everyone had to wait a little longer to see each other again, we named the event Reconnect 2022. Because Stamicarbon always manages to bring people together, even if a little patience might sometimes be needed. The three-word strapline refers to the original aim: sharing knowledge and innovation to optimize artificial fertilizer production in a fast-changing market.

We started by designing a new logo in the runup to the event opening in May. We took our inspiration from a lava lamp. The liquid in a lava lamp is in constant motion, making new connections all the time, just as the symposium keeps bringing people together and sharing knowledge.

Consistent rollout

The lava style was also used in the graphic design of the other communication tools: from the flags and roll banners to the programme and presentation templates. The symposium set was dressed in the same look and feel. Including the panels with the 75-year Stamicarbon timeline. That consistency ensured the event looked steadfastly dynamic across the board.

Icing on the cake: cookbook

Stamicarbon is 75 years old. To celebrate, the folks there wrote their own cookbook, featuring the favourite recipes of employees from around the world. We designed and produced the book, which offers more than 100 page of cooking fun and pleasure with a great blend of starters, mains, afters and snacks. An original reflection of the Stamicarbon mission: Enabling the world to feed itself.