Healtech develops and produces machines that restore the electronic connections in the body and heal the patient. D’M&S not only came up with the name of the new company, but also worked out all the communication that goes with it: from logo, corporate identity, website and videos to a creative concept that explains this new form of medicine.


Creative concept
for bio-electronics

Healtech contacted D’M&S with the request to shape the complete B2B communication approach around their new vision. We came up with the name Healtech, developed a logo and a corporate identity and translated Healtech’s vision into a concept image. We show a network of neurons or nerve cells. The axon of 1 neuron turns into the wire of a bio-electronic device. The baseline “Think different. Think bio-electronics.” makes clear that this is about a new form of medicine.


Optimized website

The visual concept was given a prominent place on the new, freshly designed website, developed by D’M&S. The website shows doctors what Healtech stands for, how bio-electronics works and in which domains the new device can be used in a clear way. The basic language is English, but we also made a Dutch, French, German and Spanish version. To increase Healtech’s online visibility, we also focus on SEO. By optimizing the web text on important keywords, we get extra traffic to the website.

Corporate movie with revolutionary vibe

Here you can already watch the video that we developed to highlight the company itself. The almost 2-minute corporate video not only shows Healtech’s activities, but also focuses on its ideology. By combining beautiful images of the offices, people, resources and research centres with a captivating, English voice-over, we tell the story behind Healtech. Healtech does not stand for just a new product, it stands for a new way of practising medicine. By deploying machines instead of medicines, the company changes the way diseases are treated. That revolutionary vibe can be felt from the first to the last shot of the video.