Verstraete IML, an expert in offset printing labels for plastic packaging, asked us to design product packaging to raise the profile of its innovative Barrier IML technology among its customers.

We designed an original series of packagings to highlight the technology’s USPs, including brand name, design and branding.

Innovative packaging technology

Verstraete IML’s revolutionary barrier technology is ideal for food businesses, as it pairs the advantages of IML with a barrier function. Thanks to the multi-layer IML film the plastic packaging protects the contents from the harmful effects of light and oxygen. The packaged foodstuffs stay fresh for longer, retaining their colour, taste, aroma and nutritional value. So that cuts food waste too.

Label and packaging in one

Verstraete IML is global market leader in mould label printing for plastic packaging. To make these pre-printed labels, liquid polypropylene (PP) is poured into a mould, which causes label and packaging to become one, taking the form of the end product, such as a butter dish, an ice cream box or a paint bucket.

Drie verpakkingen met Verstraete B-Fresh soep op tafel.

“We designed an original series of packagings, including brand name, design and branding to highlight this innovative technology’s USPs.”


Convincing sales tool

Under the umbrella name B-Fresh, a nod to the advantages of the Barrier IML technology, we created visually attractive packaging for cheese spread, tomato soup and potato salad. Our designs literally present the USPs of the labelling technology as characteristics of the product. An original touch-me way to persuade food makers of the unrivalled assets of the new technology.