With 75 years on the road, bus builder Van Hool continues to blaze trails on its market. Under the motto ‘Leading the way’, the Belgian manufacturer of bus, coaches and industrial vehicles has powered ahead in sustainable innovation, in its transport solutions and its communication. We geared the brand up for the next challenge.

Strategic marketing workshop determines the direction

First things first. Van Hool enjoys a strong reputation as a reliable supplier in Belgium and beyond, with 75 years in the business. Refreshing a brand of that stature demands a cogent plan and a compelling marketing strategy reflecting the corporate values, vision and ambitions. Based on our findings from a set of workshops with the client, we encapsulated Van Hool’s brand promise in a pithy and potent catchline: Van Hool, leading the way. This was the opening salvo in a robust communication campaign powered by substance and visual style we helped drive.

Caught your attention?

Corporate video starring the people behind the brand

Video is the best medium bar none to showcase the rich history of your company, the passion of your people and the skilled work they perform day after day. Inspired by the ‘Leading the way’ theme, we produced a corporate video to highlight and celebrate the Van Hool family in gorgeous images and a compelling narrative.

Behind the scenes

Quality takes plenty of planning and expertise of course. We wrote the scenario, took on production duties, sent our film crew to shoot at Van Hool’s Koningshooikt base and its production site in Skopje, North Macedonia and edited the footage they returned with into a beguiling video.

Driving traffic to the new website 

‘Van Hool, the movie’ is available to view in the brand-new website we developed for the bus builder. The creative design and easy-to-navigate structure give it a clear 2022 look and feel, and ensure it is ready to generate leads. To that end, we refreshed a large part of the content and made sure that people as well as products – the vehicles – were given a central place.
That strengthened Van Hool’s image as a company that marries technical innovation with warmth, tradition and family values.

More than 6000 unique visitors viewed the website in the first week after launch.

Photography establishes the brand story

People have been the driving force at Van Hool for more than 75 years now. Their devotion, dedication and expertise make a difference in every department. They give the company a human face and play the starring role in the Van Hool story. We featured them prominently with portraits and action photos of #teamvanhool. A selection of the photos we shot on site.

Cross-media A series launch a global success

The new A series is yet more proof that Van Hool is ‘leading the way’. These 100% zero-emission buses are the perfect response to the growing demand for sustainable public transport. We took care of the online marketing with posts and bitesize videos that turned heads on social media across the globe. A click generator!

The launch of the A series was announced at the European Mobility Expo in Paris, attracting lots of interested decision-makers to the Van Hool stand, which screened the corporate video on a big screen.

And to keep the A series launch in the spotlight we also advised Van Hool to spread the news in the press. The story was picked up around the globe, with reports in US, European and Asian media.