D’M&S turned the average obligatory New Year’s reception into a sensational New Year’s gathering for Voka. A charming venue and a strong message wrapped in a sparkling, dynamic package sealed the deal.

Event from A to Z

The Flemish political and financial elite gathering in the heart of Brussels. This type of event needs an all-in organisation. The stakes were high, but that’s how we like it. After the 700 guests were welcomed by bubbly, they settled down for a debate on this year’s Voka theme: dare, refresh, capture. And let that happen to be a theme that we can relate to.

Funny introductory films and animated movies

VRT news anchor Hanne Decoutere kept the debate ticking over smoothly, while the introduction films from each participant added a bit of pizzazz. Earlier in the evening our video department had injected some extra dynamism into Hans Maertens’ speech with a polished look back on 2015, in pure animated movie style. The lighting and stage dressing added extra cachet to the show.

Safe networking

After the ‘academic’ part of the evening was behind us, it was time for a standing dinner fit for gourmets. In times of increased security needs and given the prominent guest list, it goes without saying that security needed to be tight in and around the venue. Rest assured that we had that aspect of the event perfectly under control, too. This is how our all-in approach successfully launched the new year.

We took care of the event from A to Z, from communication to organisation.
The new year started with a bang!