German assembly and attachment materials specialist Würth is seeking new people in Belgium and Luxembourg who are ready to do whatever it takes. We put together a compelling employer branding campaign with videos and social media posts to attract the attention of the right kind of people on a demanding and challenging job market.

Positive message

For customers Würth does whatever it takes. But employees are also given plenty of opportunities to grow and develop in their job and show what they can do. We incorporated that positive message into a new concept centred on the people at Würth for the new employer branding campaign. Because everyone is looking for an employer who is ready to do whatever it takes for them.

All about employees

We held an in-house photoshoot with two Würth employees to get the concept visual in the can: Andy from the office and Tom, who goes out to customers. For our campaign visuals, we asked them to look into the lens and make a connection with a broad smile on their faces. The photos were used for internal and external communication ends.

Würth video presentation

To complement the concept visuals, our video team also produced a short movie to present a typical working day at Würth. To that end, we followed a Würth employee around with GoPro cameras and SnorriCams. The result really gives viewers a sense of what it’s like to work at Würth on any given day. We based the script for the video on some preparatory interviews we held with the featured employees.

Online marketing boost

We used the concept visuals and videos on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our online marketers created a good mix of content to this end, including link posts, carousels and videos. That ensured the campaign reached a lot of interested people. A good start, then, though we still have plenty in reserve.