Looking to get a complicated message quickly and powerfully across? Animation is the ideal crystal-clear communication solution. In our studio we create dynamic 2D and 3D animations in the style that appeals to your target group the most. We also take care of the storyboard.

Corporate video

A video presentation or corporate reportage gives your customers, potential employees and other target groups a taste of life at your organisation. You control the narrative, allowing you to draw in your viewers. All you need is a compelling scenario, attractive images and professional editing. Our video team ticks all the boxes.

TV commercial

Offline and online TV commercials are still the most effective way to put your brand in the spotlight. Especially when you present your message with clear branding and add a creative twist (humour is a winner). We would be delighted to show you how to maximise your impact.

Instruction video

Sometimes you just need to explain something. How to use a product or a test, say. An instruction video is the perfect way to set out all the steps clearly. Our video team assists you all the way, from straightforward storyboard to final edit. We are past masters in instruction videos.

Bite-size videos

In the digital world people have short attention spans. You need to make an impact fast because the clock is ticking. That means front-loading to get your message across in the first few precious seconds to win people over. Making bite-size videos is an art that our digital video natives have totally perfected.

3D images and animation

From idea to 3D? It’s a small step for our 3D designers. Add an extra dimension to your campaign with a 3D model. Design a 3D logo for your corporate video. Or even use 3D software to design a fair stand you can explore from every angle before it’s even been built. The only restriction on their creativity is your imagination.

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