Advertise with impact
Optimise your media strategy

A creative concept, a dazzling video or a website with wow factor is useless without an audience. If you want to be heard, seen and found, you need to advertise. And in that case, a well-planned media strategy is essential. We help you select the right media to optimise your reach and maximise your impact.

Personalised media mix

The media landscape is outrageously diverse and engaging. There are so many ways to get your message out there and new channels are emerging all the time. Alongside print, outdoor, radio and TV, digital and social media have lots to offer. What mix will reach your target group best? Our media planners work out the best strategy for you.

A sound media plan

Media planning is an exact science. Which is why our media experts always take their lead from what you want to say and when you want to say it. They select the right media based on your message, your target group and your budget. In doing so, they examine how many GRPs you need to optimise your reach and calculate the best OTS (opportunity to see) for your campaign. In the socials and elsewhere. Sounds like a plan.

TV on every screen

Does TV have a future? Do TV commercials still work? You bet. While linear TV viewing might have had its day, other ways to watch TV are booming. Streaming, on-demand, online video… We cannot get enough of TV. It’s just a matter of getting your commercial on the right channels to reach your viewers. Heard of targeted TV?

Radio days

Radio also remains a hugely popular way to reach your target groups. Depending on the station profile and the audience coverage, we select the advertising formula that maximises the likelihood that your commercial will be heard. On traditional stations and digital platforms like Spotify and Deezer.

Out of home advertising

You target groups are everywhere. They work and shop, drive, cycle and ride public transport. Why not engage them en route? You can catch their attention with out of home advertising. Billboards, digital screens, bus shelter posters or in vehicle (buses and trams). A captive market waiting to be wowed by creative advertising. Our media specialists show you how to maximise your stopping power.

Which channels we activate
your marketing mix?

It depends on what you want to achieve. There is no set ‘power up your brand’ formula. With you, we examine how to best present your message and which tools are best suited to your target group

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