Looking to enhance your interaction with your target groups? Social media’s the way to go. It’s a fast and direct track straight to the heart of your audience. Tilting the scales in your favour when it comes to conversion. Especially when you mobilise social media advertising.

Tell your story on Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are where it’s at when you want to boost your reach online. Like to present your products in an attractive way? Of course you do. These popular social media services are two perfect platforms. They boost your image and they boast high findability through Google. Need help to spin your Instagram stories or advertise on Pinterest? Our experts break down all barriers.

Get to know your target groups

through Facebook and Twitter

By interacting with your audience on Facebook and Twitter you gain greater insight into who your target groups are and what they think of you. That enables you to enhance your customer loyalty, boost your image and improve your service. Posting relevant content with a link to your website is a great start. But Facebook ads also help improve your online visibility. The same goes for Twitter.

Improve your LinkedIn profile

Social media campaigns can improve the visibility of your company, opening the door to a higher conversion rate. Reason enough to make sure your LinkedIn profile is as compelling as it can be to grab people’s attention (including future colleagues). Next up: advertising...

Stay connected

with remarketing

People who’ve already visited your website, have viewed specific product pages or the contact form are probably interested in what you have to offer. And how do you make sure they come back? How do you hold their attention through every step of the conversion journey? Remarketing is the answer. This allows you to follow your website visitors where they go online and try to persuade them to return with banners on other websites, say.

Interested to know how we can help your company, brand or product grab the attention of your target audience with social media advertising and a tailored content strategy? Let’s talk.

Generate more views with

video marketing

  • We promote your video on social media with a post or a targeted (paid) ad. This increases the chance of orders, contact requests or other conversions.
  • We make your video production SEO-proof and therefore optimally findable for search engines.
  • We think cross-medially and spread your video as much as possible via every suitable channel (for example: an e-mailing to customers, prospects, partners or journalists).

We raise your brand awareness with social media marketing

Which channels we activate
your marketing mix?

It depends on what you want to achieve. There is no set ‘power up your brand’ formula. With you, we examine how to best present your message and which tools are best suited to your target group

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