D’M&S prepares your organization for the future. Discover how new technologies help you to respond better to change and continue to create value.

Let’s work together

The right solution for every challenge

Working more efficiently by deploying the right digital tools, improving the user experience of customers visiting your website or getting more out of the data already present in your organization. Whatever the challenge, we help you on your way to a successful digital transformation.

with yourself

Which digital techniques does your organization use and what could be improved? How do you convince your employees of new applications and familiarize them with them? Map out a change process to sharpen the internal expertise and digital awareness of your company.

the customer first

Do you make sufficient use of the customer data in your (management) systems? Do you want to monitor your customers even better with the help of new technologies? Integrate intelligent, digital systems to put your customer first and deliver better service and better experiences.

to innovate!

Do you recognize and reward your partners for their efforts? Do they receive valuable content? We help you keep your partners engaged and strengthen the relationship and emotional commitment.

Developing a digital strategy to make your organization future-proof?

How we approach this in practical terms:

Optimizing your business and marketing processes with marketing automation tools, data analysis and digitization of your processes improves and increases the customer experience and productivity of your company.

From modernizing your website or communication to training your staff, and everything in between.

  • a modern, efficient, mobile-friendly and high converting website
  • a functional chatbot
  • optimizing your internal communication
  • providing a portal or intranet for your staff to access all available data
  • collect and analyze customer data
  • measuring and monitoring your company data
  • providing powerful lead generation and management tools
  • training for your staff
  • a strong and structured onboarding process or program for new staff
  • offering the right communication tools
  • research and optimization of the sales process
  • deploying marketing automation tools
  • distributing content automatically through the right channels
  • increasing your findability with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • targeted search engine advertising (SEA) via the appropriate channels
  • virtual reality (VR) as a strong communication tool in various applications
  • using 3D as a visual eye-catcher in your communication or at your event
  • hyper-personalized communication
  • modernizing your publications and communication
  • digitizing customer engagement and interaction by means of, for instance, a loyalty platform
  • linking your data systems to your website or CMS system
  • monitoring of your social media
  • ...
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