Want to attract the right profiles? With a tailor-made employer branding campaign, we help to make your company image extra attractive and to fill your vacancies quickly with the right candidates.

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Employer branding,
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In the war for talent, it is hard work to attract the right profiles. Many sought-after candidates are enticed from all sides with interesting offers. The importance of a distinctive company image and a pleasant corporate culture – and communication – cannot therefore be overestimated. And we can help you with that.

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What digital techniques does your organization use and what could be improved? How do you convince and familiarize your employees with new applications? Map out a change trajectory to sharpen the internal expertise and digital awareness of your company.

Let’s put your company in the spotlight with an employer branding campaign!

How we approach this in practical terms:

The employer brand story that we write for you provide a common thread through your communication. From a converting microwebsite to an attractive movie to a stand at a job fair, and everything in between. We leave nothing to chance to show you off to future employees.

  • a strong and recognizable brand story
  • targeting through the right online and offline channels
  • an attractive stand at a job fair
  • job days or an open company day for potential candidates
  • an unforgettable event tailored to your needs
  • rewarding your staff with an incentive
  • targeted advertising through various channels
  • an enticing, professional, high-converting (micro) website
  • personalised print tools such as a brochure
  • an animation or company film, a TV commercial or instruction video
  • ...
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