D’M&S travels with you on your journey to conversion. Discover how you can find your way to successful lead generation with a cross-media approach.

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Generate leads?
We take on the challenge!

Lead generation is about more than attracting customers. It is about identifying the right profiles and efficiently deploying the right marketing and sales tools at the right moment in the customer journey. Only when you succeed in doing this will you have their attention and the road to conversion is open.

your strategy

Are you attracting the right leads? How do you turn leads into customers? Determine your strategy to generate a continuous influx of leads.

your lead

What does your ideal lead look like? What do potential customers expect from you? Determine your customer journey to properly communicate with your leads.

to nurture

How long does it take for your prospect to become a lead? Does your campaign have the desired effect? How does your sales team monitor everything? We help you open the way to conversion with a lead nurturing campaign.

Better leads, higher sales

How do you generate more valuable leads? Let’s get you started with an online marketing strategy that keeps your brand and company top-of-mind and activates your sales with attractive content, targeted e-mailings, a well thought-out use of social media and other digital techniques.

Want to develop a tailor-made lead generating strategy?

How we approach this in practical terms:

Easy peasy. By distributing relevant content via channels such as your website, social media or targeted offline advertisements we ensure you that you efficiently acquire the right leads. Setting up an online marketing campaign or networking events? Everything goes!

  • defining your target groups with their needs and requirements
  • an in-depth marketing research into the customer journey
  • optimizing the conversion possibilities on your website, social and offline channels
  • implementing e-marketing and marketing automation tools
  • developing reporting and monitoring dashboards
  • targeting via the right online and offline channels
  • increasing your findability with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • targeted search engine advertising (SEA) via the appropriate channels
  • a strong and recognizable brand story
  • creative communication: strong content, creatively packaged
  • an efficient, attractive and high-converting website
  • measuring the results of your lead management campaign
  • correctly aligning your sales and marketing funnel
  • ...
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