D’M&S creates a strong bond between you and your committed partners. Discover how we get the most out of your partner engagement and thus support the backbone of your company.

Let’s work together

Discover how you benefit
from loyal partners

A satisfied customer will always be back. But how do you keep your customers happy? How do you make sure that they embrace your brand and behave like loyal ambassadors? With a partner engagement plan you increase their involvement and give your sales a boost.

Know and support
your partners

Who are your partners and what drives or motivates them? What are their strengths, weaknesses and what resources do they need? Actively support and engage your partners to create that much-needed mutual bond.

them a platform

Is it easy to do business with you? Are your operation and website user-friendly for all parties? An internal platform is necessary to ensure smooth communication between you and your partners.

is a commitment

Do you recognize and reward your partners for their efforts? Do they receive valuable content? We help you keep your partners engaged and strengthen emotional engagement.

Want to come up with an original plan?

How we approach this in practical terms:

Supporting and actively engaging your partners with a communication platform, sales and marketing training, or customized, valuable content, is how you build and maintain business relationships with your partners.

From loyalty campaigns to the with of your partner engagement, and everything in between.

  • set up an (internal) platform or intranet for easy communication
  • monitor and measure partner engagement and performance
  • strengthen your bond with existing partners through loyalty campaigns
  • create content that meets the needs of your partners
  • offer the right communication tools
  • a strong and structured onboarding process or program
  • distributing content through the right channels
  • personalizing sales and marketing campaigns for your partners' local market and audience
  • (sales or marketing) training for your partners
  • a behavioral manual with a guided sales process
  • attract new partners with an information campaign
  • provide access to powerful lead generation and management tools
  • automated certification programs for partners
  • deploying marketing automation tools
  • provide personalized support and resources or tools
  • organizing an event or activity to optimize the relationship
  • research and optimization of the sales process
  • a strategy with the right combination of marketing and branding
  • targeted online marketing actions
  • publications and communication aimed at your partners
  • ...
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