D'M&S helps you create new opportunities in today's complex market context. Discover how focusing on sales enablement makes sales (pro)active!

Let’s work together

So many challenges,
so many solutions

Every organization faces different commercial challenges. Determining and analyzing them, researching how you can tackle them efficiently with your marketing and sales team is the first step towards a successful sales strategy.

your goals and target audience

Who do you want to sell to? Does your current sales strategy pay off? Support your sales to sell faster and more efficiently.

your content strategy

What makes your current customers so interesting? How do you communicate with your target audience? Determine who you want to reach with which content to bring in more qualified leads.

Let us enable
your sales!

Which sales enablement tools do you use? We let your sales and marketing merge and help you with the right strategy to reach a broader sales spectrum.

Employ the right sales enablement strategy to approach your target groups

How we approach this in practical terms:

Supporting your sales department by defining your target audience, using the right marketing automation tools and launching targeted online (re)marketing campaigns, results in a complete optimization of your sales process.

From data analytics to content creation and distribution and presentation tools, and everything in between.

  • research and optimization of your sales process
  • defining your ideal customer profiles (ICPs)
  • deployment of marketing automation tools
  • analyzing the right data and matching them with your CRM-system
  • known and anonymous online tracking
  • deploying search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your findability
  • targeted online marketing actions
  • creation of presentation tools
  • distributing content via the right channels
  • deploying the right push and pull marketing techniques
  • train and coach your sales team
  • creating tailor-made content for your sales
  • communicating strongly with video
  • customer storytelling: using your satisfied customers as content through testimonials
  • personal publications for your company
  • targeted advertising through various channels
  • ...
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