ABB-Vynckier has run loyalty campaigns for years now with the aim of strengthening ties with its fitters, rewarding them for their fidelity and generating leads. For the 2022 iteration we created a new design,
a new online engagement platform and new communications. Everybody happy? You bet!

Loyalty campaign 2.0

This year electrical installation materials dealer ABB-Vynckier took its well- known package deal campaign in a new direction. The tried-and-tested concept – buy a product package from a wholesaler, earn credits and redeem them for prices – was tweaked. The campaign now covers all products in the ABB-Vynckier catalogue and installers can put together their own package. They get one credit (known as a flash) for every 650 euros they spend. Flashes can be redeemed for gifts on the new online platform at, And there’s quite a selection! This year they can choose from four categories: audio & video, home & garden, computer & multimedia, and smartphones & wearables. It’s enough to put a smile on your face! No surprise then that the campaign was named the ‘Happy Colli Campaign’.

Complete restyling

Naast de procedure werd ook de hele look-and-feel van de getrouwheidsactie opgefrist. Onze designers gaven er een eigentijdse en kleurrijke toets aan. De actie heeft zo een frisse en jongere dynamiek en springt nog meer in het oog. De nieuwe stijl pasten we consequent toe op alle communicatietools.

The fresh colours attract eyeballs at wholesalers.

Online and print

The campaign continues to be centred on the online platform, where installers can find all the information they need, upload their invoices and purchase orders, check their balance and redeem their credits. Our UX upgrade and graphical restyling have made the engagement platform more attractive and more effective than ever.

We created a whole host of communication materials to promote the campaign among the target audience. Those included a letter to installers and wholesalers, and an information leaflet. Wholesalers also received a promotional pack with
a counter display for the campaign leaflets and a clutch of wobblers and shelf barkers. We also targeted the trade audience in print by running ads promoting the campaign in specialist magazines.

But that's not all...

To bring the ABB- Vynckier sales team up to speed, we also created an interactive presentation featuring short videos to explain the ins and outs of the campaign. Everybody happy!