Thank your customers for their trust and engage them even more? We gave the traditional loyalty action of distributor of electrical installation material ABB-Vynckier an extra attractive touch this year.

A loyalty action full of… action!

ABB-Vynckier has been organizing a loyalty action for its installers for years. When purchasing a package of electrical equipment, they received points (flashes) that they could exchange for prizes.

This year we took a new take on the package promotion. Participants can now compose their own package from a list of products and collect flashes. Collected enough flashes? Then they can choose one of the day activities that our event department has provided. Hunting, buggy riding, indoor skiing or the World Cycling Championships? We give them the day of their lives (or an apero box if they prefer to take it easy)!

Online loyalty platform: the heart of the action

The loyalty action runs completely online. Participants can only collect flashes by uploading order forms or invoices to And that is super easy. The site is a strong example of UX design.

  • Online platform, accessible 24/7
  • Easy to upload purchase receipts
  • Access to own page via login
  • All information about the action
  • Possibility to register for the activities

Communication to wholesaler and installer

We developed the necessary communication material to announce the promotion.

  • We sent the distributors a letter and a package with a counter display and leaflets.
  • The installers received a letter with a leaflet and the list of products with which they could put together a package.

That way everyone was quickly up to speed - and additional information could be found on the website.

The platform, the communication, the organization of the activities ... We took care of the action from A to Z.

Online marketing keeps the attention high

For the first time, our digital marketers also set up an online marketing plan. With an SEA campaign, banners and posts on social media, they kept the attention for the action high and stimulated the participants (and new customers!) to collect flashes (read: buy products). Loyalty and lead generation in one fell swoop!