Sofie Dumont, Giovanni Bruno, David Martin… The list of top chefs AEG works with to promote its kitchen appliances and strengthen its image is pretty impressive. But micro and macro influencers with a passion for innovation, cuisine and design also love to recommend the brand and its products to their followers. And with great success. The proof that our influencer marketing approach pays dividends

Can influencers drive brand engagement?

You bet. Influencer marketing can definitely have a positive impact on how a brand is experienced. Generating, converting and engaging leads. Influencers do that virtually 24/7. But you do have to develop the right strategy and find influencers with an affinity for your product. And plenty of followers... That’s a challenge our Influencer Network team has risen to for AEG with great pleasure for some time now.

Social media toolkit
full of delicious ideas

When we include influencer marketing in the media mix for a campaign we always ensure that the influencers know exactly what’s expected of them. Cooking up the right ingredients and serving up content to their followers just how they like it. We have put together a social media toolkit to that precise end:

  • Graphical document presenting the vision, values and DNA of AEG
  • Clear instructions on the campaign goal and expectations
  • Practical information about hashtags and dos and don’ts
  • Useful tools such as creative animations for their Instagram stories

Star chefs show off AEG’s strengths in the kitchen

Bringing in the right person is just one step in our influencer marketing recipe. At least as important is deploying the right content in the right channel at the right time. We draw up a content calendar for AEG and our digital marketers regularly create attractive brand stories. Star chefs doing their thing in the kitchen or at culinary events? Always irresistible!

Visual communication gets mouths watering

We created a host of delicious content – from press release to photos and a stylish video – to trumpet the new collaboration between AEG and brand ambassador David Marin at La Paix** restaurant. Enjoy!

Last but not least:
the micro and macro influencers

As well as partnering with the best chefs in the kitchen, we also work with less famous folk to promote other AEG domestic appliances, such as air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. These micro and macro influencers target a smaller but more engaged group of followers. Quality rather than quantity. A strategy that AEG is fully on board with.

Depending on the product, we select the influencers who appeal to an engaged target group with a passion for top-notch domestic appliances.