AFAS Software is a familiar name in Flanders and the Netherlands. Among people in the trade, as well as fans of KV Mechelen and AZ Alkmaar, as club sponsor. That brand awareness is not as strong in French-speaking Belgium. We aim to change that with a roaring radio campaign.

Logo AFAS Software

Radio as lead generator

Can radio raise awareness of your brand? You bet! Radio is the perfect way to get in to the heads of your target group. With a powerful commercial and a well-thought through media plan you can inspire a raft of new fans to make a connection with your brand. It took us 15 seconds to start generating new leads for AFAS Software. To create a buzz around the brand name we also broadcast 5-second spots. Extra attention guaranteed.

The concept: AFAS fan club

AFAS Software is a dynamic family firm, a team of enthusiastic IT experts that provides customers with support and inspiration in their quest to optimise their workflows.

In dialogue with businesses on every scale, the folks at AFAS Software identify online softwaresolutions that will get their administrative workflows moving more smoothly.

Radiospot of 15”? Less is more!

Extra awareness in 5”

Full-fledged media plan

AFAS targets CEOs, COOs, CFOs, managers and board members in IT and HR, so choosing the right radio stations was essential. To create brand awareness where it was needed, our media planners landed on La Première and Classic 21, two stations with the right listener profile for the target group. Smart scheduling did the rest.


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