Uniform communication is a requisite before you can start building a strong and reliable image. Offline and online. This is how we tackled that for DCA Woonprojecten.

New communication style

DCA Woonprojecten has built up a lot of expertise over the past half­century. Part of DCA Group, every year it develops dozens of new­build projects throughout Flanders. To harmonise its project communication and so increase the recognisability and profile of the brand, we went to work on the design and put together a cross­media communication plan. Now, whatever the project, you immediately see that DCA Woonprojecten is behind it.

Stronger brand identity

The new house style is based on a number of specific characteristics that recur in every project. We started by creating a linear logo: a line drawing depicting the outline of a building with two colour accents for the most eye­catching structural elements. This pure logo is a signature that is used for each project and a recurring element in all other communication. By maintaining the same style at all times we create uniformity. And that strengthens the brand identity.

A mood, an experience

As well as the recognisable logo and well­considered use of colour, we also harmonised the look and feel of the communication tools. The central aspects are mood and experience. Gorgeous photos of the project and the surrounding area are accompanied by attractive, informative content that stresses the advantages for buyers.

Future resident or investor? Small or large scale? Each brochure and project page on the DCA Woonprojecten website are put together in such a way that potential buyers immediately recognise the DCA qualities. But there’s more.

Cross-media rollout

As well as brochures, the new­build projects are also promoted in adverts and site communication. And online marketing is a vital brick in the communication plan, too. Think SEA, remarketing and Facebook ads. All tools refer readers to the website for more information and appointments.

The landing pages are also in the new DCA style. Design structure, graphical elements (such as the icons), visuals, colours, content.