As well as a network of more than 180 filling stations, Gabriëls also offers fuel cards and charging passes for electric vehicles. To get that message across, the fuel supplier wanted to adopt a whole new look and feel. We took on responsibility for a complete rebrand that goes all the way.

Complete rebrand

After some intensive brainstorming, our creatives put their heads together to come up with something new. So how far did they go? Rest assured they went all the way, with a new logo, a new house style bible and some smart concept visuals.

Creative concept visuals

We created three different concept visuals based on a selection of Gabriëls products and services: the charging pass and fuel card, electric vehicle charging and regular refuelling. Each time our designers took the product or service in question as the starting point for their design.

Online marketing

We also used the new ‘we keep you going’ concept visuals on various online social media: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. To this end, our digital marketers drew up a content calendar of various creative posts. We then advertised these posts to raise awareness of the rebranding. Naturally, we could not leave Google out of the marketing mix. SEA and display ads ensured that a lot of people got to see the new concept visuals while they were online.

We also got to work on the website. Our developers added an electric section with a number of new pages. We were responsible for the design, we reworked the copy and we took care of the content fill. Successful rebrand complete!

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