Group Peeters asked us to help identify candidates with a passion for industrial cleaning. We wasted no time coming up with the goods. We devised an all-new HRM campaign in which we gave employees the opportunity to shine as proud ‘cleannovators’ in a new environment in all media, but especially online.

Powerful concept

If you’re thinking about joining Group Peeters you should not be afraid of getting dirty. The international specialist in cleaning industrial storage tanks, silos and other systems makes no bones about it: it’s hard and dirty work. But if variety, team spirit and working with the very best equipment is your thing, it might well be for you.

Challenge accepted

We devised a striking employer branding campaign to appeal to enthusiastic candidates who love a challenge. In it, we show the employees at Group Peeters themselves that they can handle anything that’s thrown at them: these dedicated ‘cleannovators’ are determined to make a clean job of it, every time. Rest assured, these people don’t mess about.

Action video and photography

We set up a Spartacus Run on a challenging course in the Netherlands to showcase the passion, enthusiasm, tenacity and team spirit of the Group Peeters cleannovators.

Our teams were there to take some photos and shoot some videos of them in action while they took on the mud with gusto. It’s a mucky job, but someone has to do it... We made good use of the visuals to add extra grit to the campaign.

New job site

The videos and action photos are now the centrepiece of the brand-new job site at Our designers, developers and content writers built that new website from the ground up to accommodate all Group Peeters vacancies from now on, in line with the cleannovator branding.

Visit the website

Compelling online marketing

But that’s not all: we also set up an online marketing strategy to spread news of the campaign to a young target audience who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty

It’s proving successful in attracting suitable candidates on social media and directing them to the job site. Where there’s muck, there’s brass, as they say. Read about the results in the next issue of Update.