We were tasked with strengthening its image as a highly trusted supplier and tightening its focus on professional customers. Especially online. We got to work. A dynamic content marketing plan and a power update of its concept visual ensure Henco makes a very strong impression.

We care to connect!

Leading brand for professionals

Henco is a European manufacturer of pipes, fittings and accessories for heating, gas and sanitary systems for households and utility companies. It is a leading brand that has tight contacts with its fitters. It contributes to finding the right solution and develops materials and tools that help them to work more efficiently.

We created a separate B2B website to target those fitters, as well as architects, engineering firms and wholesale. The aim of this spinoff of the corporate website is to raise Henco’s online visibility among professional target groups and ultimately to increase the conversion rate.

Concept visual updated

One more thing: for the past 25 years the elephant has symbolised the strong qualities of Henco products. We recently gave the visual a makeover, making sure we did not undermine any of its power.

Henco launched the concept visual of the elephant holding a composite pipe in its trunk last March at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort, an international show for HVAC professionals. It also has a central place on the new platform. It is a powerful signal to the target group that the Henco story still has a long way to run.

Personalised content marketing

The new website gives Henco a dynamic platform on which it can deploy its expertise to the max. It can easily be filled with inspiring content tailored to professional users, such as information about products, projects and industry fairs. It is the perfect place for everything likely to interest the target groups.

Content is clearly split into six categories. Testimonials, special references and the latest news are all available in the relevant section. Accessibility is also enhanced by the user-friendly navigation, which enables visitors to quickly run through the henco.live content.