Specialist opticians meet the specs wearers’ every need. To encourage the latter to get along to the former, we made spectacles manufacturer Hoya’s latest promotional campaign that visibly increased its sales. The irresistible offer already existed, we simply lured the customers to the optician with … communication.

Promo materials that call to action

After informing the specialist opticians about the campaign in a brochure, we got down to designing the rest of the promotional material. That included personalised advertisements (with the campaign visual), door-to-door brochures, a Facebook banner and point of sale tools that could be used by participating opticians to raise their profile among the general public. We also adapted the campaign website. All with one aim: encouraging as many people as possible to drop a visit to their optician.

Attractive look,
attractive offer

The handsome campaign visual (shot in our own studio) and strong slogan make it clear that specialist opticians are your best option: 100%. All year through, but especially during our latest promotional campaign that just made it a little bit more appealing.