Antwerp-based but active worldwide, logistical services provider Katoen Natie wants to generate online leads for its optical sorting services and warehousing activities in the southern Dutch province of Limburg. We took up the gauntlet, developing two digital campaigns in the spring. We closely monitored the results with lead generation software and our own web analytics tools.

Lead-generation campaigns target B2B

The two online lead-generation campaigns we set up for Katoen Natie had to catch the attention of a very specific B2B target audience: the hundred biggest chemicals companies within a 200km radius of the firm’s logistical hub in its home city of Antwerp.
Each campaign focused on a specific service provided by Katoen Natie: Optical Sorting, on the one hand, and warehousing (in Dutch Limburg), on the other.

Online marketing and remarketing

We harnessed the power of LinkedIn posts (four for each campaign) and Google Display banners to create greater awareness of those services and attract interested prospects to the website. We also used Google Display banners for remarketing ends to increase the likelihood of repeat visits and conversion.

Web design and video content boost landing pages

We used the social posts and display banners to drive potential leads to specific landing pages on the Katoen Natie website. We established the basic design and structure of the two pages (one for optical sorting, the other for warehousing) for our client. The goal was to persuade visitors to make an appointment with attractive web design and compelling content. 
The video we produced from existing footage to promote the storage facilities in Dutch Limburg did its job. Online and on the socials.

Web analysis tools to monitor the campaign closely

How do you measure the impact of an online campaign? We deployed our own web analytics tool for Katoen Natie to monitor and understand traffic from the banners and social posts to the landing pages. And lead-generating software to identify visitors and produce a list of the most relevant prospects. Golden data to help sales efficiently follow up on leads.