Mitsubishi Electric values a heat pump as the ultimate solution for heating, cooling and ventilation, and wants everyone to know about it! D’M&S developed a search engine optimised website, informing the consumer about all ins and outs of heat pump technology. To truly bring the website to life, we also made a video and designed trade fair material for Batibouw. 

High performance website:
SEO & lead generation tool

The website has not just become a source of inspiration for people interested in renovation or building a new home. It also acts as a high performance marketing tool. A preliminary in-depth SEO analysis enabled us to list what keywords the target group uses most frequently when querying about heat pumps online – so we used these keywords in our website copy. The result is a search engine optimised website, very quickly picked up by search engines. The site also goes beyond ‘informing’: it is a sales generation tool with a clear structure and calls to action that really trigger the visitor. 

explanimation video

In order to clearly explain consumers the benefits of a heat pump and the way it works, our video team created an explanimation video. In this short animated video we explain how this complex system works in a simple and fun way; because the more understanding the target group gains of a certain product or service, the better the odds of convincing them of the benefits and hence of conversion. A contact form and search function to find installers nearby are extra triggers for the visitor to take action.

Offline Batibouw communication

Launching the heat pump website wasn’t the only success project we ran for Mitsubishi Electric in the run-up to Batibouw. To boost our client’s presence at this trade fair:

  • We set up an attractive and efficient fair booth
  • We developed POS material explaining the qualities of a heat pump  
  • We improved the B2C information brochure of the Ecodan air/water heat pump
  • We designed a series of adverts illustrating the functioning of the heat pump 

Mitsubishi Electric proves that a mix of informing, explaining and convincing techniques will activate and convert your target audience. Please feel free to contact us for more information or a more in-depth talk.