Launching a new natural nutritional supplement on the consumer market calls for a cross-media approach. Which just happens to be our métier.

Online and offline partner

Pharmaceutical company Arega Pharma developed a natural nutritional supplement for recreational athletes. It’s slated for an early 2021 launch in pharmacies under the brand name Myotop. Our job was to give it a running start.

Our cross-media team rose to the challenge, creating the ideal concept visual for use in various tools: counter display, a sales leaflet to persuade pharmacists to stock Myotop and an attractive website.

Nature the main ingredient

Myotop is a natural nutritional supplement with pomegranate, creatine and an original blend of vitamins. Just add water to drink during or after your workout. It helps enhance muscle strength and performance in combination with physical exercise and a healthy diet.

We designed a concept visual based on the product’s natural properties. A runner takes up a string of pomegranates as he runs, boosting his energy. The natural setting strengthens the message.

Strong online and offline campaign

We used the concept visual on various tools, including a detail aid Arega Pharma’s salespeople can use to explain product and campaign to pharmacists. An eye-catching display puts Myotop centre-stage in the pharmacy, attracting the attention of visitors.

Cross-media launch

But there was more. We did the hard yards online too, designing a website that informs, inspires and activates. As well as details about how Myotop gives you a natural boost, there’s also a blog section, with posts on working out and healthy eating, and an interactive map to find your nearest stockist by postcode or place. All told, an optimal product launch.