Vanmarcke, a logistics company working out of Gullegem, were looking for a way to fill their vacancies faster. We quickly hit on the right approach and built a simple but effective website, with the traffic flow running through LinkedIn.

Logistics partner in growth

Vanmarcke is a logistics partner that offers short-term refrigerated storage to distributors in food and retail. The folks there are looking for new people to fill a whole host of vacancies. So how do you make it easy for potential employees to get to know your company? Make them feel affinity with your story? And ultimately decide to apply for a job? We had the answer.

Compelling online story

We started by writing a compelling online story in association with Vanmarcke. The first step was a website. Potential employees always start looking for information about employers online. And as Vanmarcke didn’t have a website, we decided to start with a simple onepager to explain who they are and what they do. With a summary of open vacancies too, of course. Gullegem is close to the French border, so we launched the website in three languages.

Ads in LinkedIn

We used advertised posts on LinkedIn to guide the right visitors to the website. The posts linked directly to the various vacancies and the application form.

What’s next?

The next chapter in the Vanmarcke story is beefing up the website with photos and videos.

Next-level employer branding!