Impactful B2B communication, tailored to the target group, stylishly packaged. Both offline and online. We picked up the gauntlet on behalf of Innoventis One.

A unique story

Innoventis One supports pharmacies and cosmetic clinics with the launch of their own health and care products. Every step of the way: from production by way of packaging to promotional material. The folks there called in our teams to get the word out about its range of solutions to its target group. We provided unique communication for a unique story.

From offline to online

Our graphics team got the ball rolling by creating leaflets presenting the various Innoventis One packages in an accessible way. A tool that helps representatives get their message across when visiting potential customers. And to improve brand visibility online we also designed a brand-new website in four languages in Drupal 9.

Intuitive, stylish web design

When structuring the website we clearly focused on the solutions for customers. The goal is to ensure that they can immediately see what Innoventis One can do for them. The various packages are featured prominently on the homepage, from personalisation of own branded products to full-scale custom development. Services, sectors and fields of expertise were also incorporated in an easy-to-follow menu structure. The intuitive navigation coupled with a stylish design and clear, lean copy guide website visitors through the Innoventis One story.

What’s next

As well as developing products and accompanying communication, Innoventis One also supports its customers with training to help them market their products better. That’s something that really sets it apart from others.

With that in mind, an access-protected customer area for education and training will be added to the website in the future.