Construction company Danilith has been building homes in accordance with their own system for more than a century. The result is Perfect Home-made Homes. We upgraded Danilith’s digital presence to raise the profile of these high-quality homes online.

Dynamic website

We started by running the rule over the website. Our developers replaced the static banners on various webpages with images shot by drone. That raises the dynamic character of the website, making it more attractive to potential customers.

Watch the video

Up-to-date online marketing

Our online marketers also got to work. First up was a transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). We set up an account for Danilith to bring them up to code with regard to the latest developments in digital analytics. We also closely monitored the SEA. They are generating good results, so we doubled down on these ads.

More social media

We also take care of Danilith’s social media, creating informative and eye-catching posts for Facebook and Instagram. We then advertise them to the appropriate target audiences to get everyone dreaming of their ideal Homemade Home. Tilting Danilith to the next digital level? Check!