Pattyn launches customer intimacy campaign

To set itself apart on the international packaging market, Pattyn called us in for a cross-media campaign focused exclusively on customers. From eye-catching concept visual to optimised website.

Customer-centric campaign

Pattyn markets innovative automated packaging solutions. Technically first rate. But it’s the Belgian company’s customer-centric approach that really makes the difference around the globe. Pattyn’s business runs on custom-made packaging lines and personalised aftersales care.

The website is all about UX

Using Pattyn’s customer-centric approach as our template, we also optimised the website user experience. 

Upgrade to Drupal 8

A technical upgrade to Drupal 8 ensured the website was future-proof. It’s now more secure, more reliable and easier to use than ever.

eye-catching concept visual

We packaged that message in an original yet unambiguous visual: a packaging line in the shape of the letter ‘u’. A shape that can also be interpreted as the smile that Pattyn puts on its customers’ faces with its personalised solutions. A Cheshire cat of a concept visual.