Need to launch a product on a new market? That’s a challenge we love to rise to. And we take it very seriously. As shown by the campaign combining visual power with compelling content that we developed to turn the retail industry on to Ranpak’s innovative and eco-friendly packaging paper. An international strategy with prelaunch in the UK, Germany, France and Spain.

Revolutionary product deserves eye-catching launch

Forget plastic bubble wrap. Meet Geami: Ranpak’s next-level decorative packaging, specially developed to provide optimal protection to products. This paper packaging solution is also reusable, recyclable biodegradable, which means it is a lot more user- and planet-friendly. We created a launch campaign with a double message to present all those advantages to retail.

Creative concept calls target audience to action

We hit upon a head-turning concept to drive our efforts to persuade retailers to switch from plastic bubble wrap to eco-friendly packaging paper. By wrapping up threatened species and planet earth as fragile articles in Geami paper, we show that this new solution protects both products and the environment. Retailers who want to take good care of their merchandise and the planet know what they can do…

From concept, photography and image processing to design and copywriting: we took full responsibility for the whole creative process of the Ranpack product launch.